Employment Charging Information

Our charges for advising employers on employment law matters (including Employment Tribunal cases) are based on our hourly rates plus administrative charges and disbursements, unless otherwise stated and agreed.  We will provide you with an initial estimate of our likely legal costs in respect of your matter at the outset but we will provide you with regular updates as the matter progresses.  We invoice on a monthly basis.

Our hourly rates vary from £150 plus VAT to £300 plus VAT.

In respect of Tribunal cases, our initial estimate will depend upon a variety of factors such as the nature of the claim, complexity of the issues, number of witnesses, length of the hearing and volume of documentation.

The following administrative costs and disbursements are not included in our costs:

  • travel costs
  • substantial photocopying costs
  • any fees incurred whilst couriering documents
  • barrister’s fees

We also offer fixed price options for work such as drafting contracts, policies, procedures and handbooks.  We can also offer fixed price options for each stage of any contentious proceedings.  We would be happy to have an initial free consultation with you to discuss your matter and provide you with a tailored costs proposal to meet your needs.

Jury O'Shea